Our strategy is unique and simple. We are empowering customers and improving dealerships with AI.


There is no solution like ours. We are providing 3 different ways to sell a car.


No hassle anymore! Reviews and rating will give a voice to consumers. Dealerships will improve service through feedback.


Our solution is grounded in deep AI and machine learning techniques to provide the best deal and analytical insights.

Legally Protect

With our patent, we are protecting our uniqueness and your investment.

The complete solution to selling cars

We offer 3 solutions according to the customer’s convenience. Dealerships also will benefit from having their inventory fed all the time.

Fast Money​

An easy way to sell your car for the best deal without driving to many dealerships. Ideal for customers who need to sell a car right away.

Making Dealers Pay

We will create a bidding war by auctioning your car to dealerships nationwide. Let's make the dealers pay! Ideal for those who can wait up to 2 weeks to receive a better offer.

Most for your car

Receive the most for your car by selling it on consignment with one of our trusted local dealers. Ideal for those who can wait up to 4-6 weeks and get the maximum profit on a car sale.

Same old way

The stress of selling a car


To sell a car demands many hours of riding to different dealerships, meeting strangers and consulting websites.


The existing online platforms do not offer a convergent solution for different customer needs.


At the end of the single offer that was shown the customer is losing out on thousands of dollars by not being presented other choices.

We have all in one

There is no solution like ours and no direct competitor.

High demand for used cars

“People are selling cars back to us for more money than they bought them for a year ago” “Wholesale used-vehicle prices in August averaged $14,712 — (…) up 30.8% compared with pre-Covid/August 2019.


“I came up with the YCYC idea after hearing many customers who came to my dealership say that online platforms did not provide alternatives for a person who could wait longer to get a better deal on their cars.”

“YCYC offers 3 options that empower customers while simplifying the entire car sales process, increasing satisfaction and financial return.”

Oussama El Guennouni

YCYC Founder and dealership owner with +6 year of experience in this industry.

Business Model

Connect customers’ needs with the right deal.

Dealer Partnership

Increase dealerships enrollment. Our business development team works to amplify our network.

Customer Experience

There is no solution like ours. We are providing 3 different ways to sell a car.


Continuous reinvestment. Escalate the business is our goal. We want to serve the entire US.


Our two year action plan.

Patent Application
Software and Business development
Product Launch DMV
Launch Area 2


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